Rookie little to no formal experience in a maneuvering formation
Novice some experience in a maneuvering formation, cleared for 2-ship solo
Intermediate cleared for 4-ship solo, working on stationkeeping/maneuvering skills
Advanced 4-ship solo, shows a high degree of discipline, getting solid at stationkeeping/maneuvering
FFI FFI Check Pilot, Flight Lead or Wingman

We are working through the applicant list now. The pilots below are all FFI carded and are required to put on the clinic.

  Last First Callsign AC Type Experience
1 Dulaney Mark Dula RV-6A FFI Check Pilot
2 Payne Steve Shifty RV-8 FFI Check Pilot
3 Redden Tim Tank RV-4 FFI Check Pilot
4 Cary Bill Gunner RV-9A FFI Flight Lead
5 Christopher Stephen Christo RV-7 FFI Flight Lead
6 Cone Tim Slick RV-8 FFI Flight Lead
7 Farrell Sean Goose RV-7A FFI Flight Lead
8 Hall Dan Sunblock RV-6A FFI Flight Lead
9 Hammond Dan Cowboy RV-7 FFI Flight Lead
10 Hunt Pete Hunter RV-6 FFI Flight Lead
11 Ishii Tommy Turbo RV-8 FFI Flight Lead
12 Randolph Scott Spike RV-6A FFI Flight Lead
13 Ransom Brad Tailwind RV-6A FFI Flight Lead
14 Tohikian Eddy Fast Eddy RV-8 FFI Flight Lead
15 Alvarez Axel Ass Clown RV-4 FFI Wingman
16 Benua Dan DB RV-3 FFI Wingman
17 Brownd Carl Jawbone RV-S6 FFI Wingman
18 Chambers Rob Rotor RV-8A FFI Wingman
19 Coelho Jim Rabbit RV-8 FFI Wingman
20 Eulitt Mercedes Cougar RV-7A FFI Wingman
21 Ford George Cipher RV-8 FFI Wingman
22 Gerber Cliff Floats RV-7 FFI Wingman
23 Glasser Bill Zen RV-4 FFI Wingman
24 Mann Fred   RV-7 FFI Wingman
25 Marks Robin Batman RV-8A FFI Wingman
26 McGaffigan Tim Flash M-II FFI Wingman
27 Nelson Joe Wolf RV-8 FFI Wingman
28 Page Cathy Slasher RV-6 FFI Wingman
29 Peacock Brad Wingnut RV-4 FFI Wingman
30 Pizzo David   RV-7A FFI Wingman
31 Prewitt Scott Indy RV-4 FFI Wingman
32 Richardson David G-Force RV-7 FFI Wingman
33 Ryan Pat   RV-6A FFI Wingman
34 Taylor Craig Goliath RV-8 FFI Wingman
35 West Dan Nordo RV-8 FFI Wingman
36 Wright Gregory Mach RV-6 FFI Wingman
37 Albritton Randy Shorty RV-8 Advanced
38 Bristow Richard   RV-6A Advanced
39 Hogan Scott   RV-4 Advanced
40 Leveille Joel Omaha RV-6 Advanced
41 Morey Richard   RV-8 Advanced
42 Neffinger Ed Discharge RV-7 Advanced
43 Piper Skylor   RV-8 Advanced
44 Ranz Dale   RV-4 Advanced
45 Rogers Charlie   RV-8 Advanced
46 Collins Scott Fonix RV-8A Advanced
47 Senegal Steve Pylon RV-8 Advanced
48 Beverly Ray   RV-8 Intermediate
49 Fredriksen Ron Freddy RV-7A Intermediate
50 Gallagher Tim   RV-4 Intermediate
51 Giallo Joe Jello RV-7A Intermediate
52 Graham James Grahambo RV-4 Intermediate
53 Levesque Evan NoPro RV-8 Intermediate
54 Ulrich Lee   RV-7 Intermediate
55 York Bill Spinner RV-6 Intermediate
56 Bray Jim   RV-9A Novice
57 Hanson Aaron   RV-7A Novice
58 Kass Daniel   RV-4 Novice
59 Meyer Jason   RV-6 Novice
60 Ranker Chris   RV-4 Novice
61 Reese Travis   RV-4 Novice
62 Wischer Neil   RV-8 Novice
63 Apaka Lee   RV-7 Rookie
64 Crothers Randall   RV-7A Rookie
65 Johnson Bryan   RV-8 Rookie
66 Lesher Caleb   RV-7A Rookie
67 McKibben Steve   RV-6 Rookie
68 Pedersen Lars   RV-7 Rookie
69 Shapiro Justin   RV-7A Rookie
70 Watson Stephen   RV-7A Rookie

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